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Case Studies


Project Facts


Full internal redecoration of the Library at Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford University.

Work Carried Out

July/August 2005.

Duration of Contract

6 weeks.

Case Study - Education

Oxford University
Lady Margaret Hall

Lady Margaret Hall library is one of the finest college libraries at Oxford with more than 70,000 books. The library is open to college members 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Description of Project

A full internal decoration of the main library was a challenge as all the books were left on the shelves throughout the work. The books were carefully protected by polythene sheeting before work began. The narrow aisles between the bookcases made access to the surfaces difficult. Great care was also needed when erecting and taking down mobile scaffolding towers.


Whilst normal emulsion and alkyd paints were used on this job, great care was taken to find an exact match to the heritage colour scheme.

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